Regarding our company: „RI-EPM“ - service SICK, was first founded as a part of the Mining Institute of Skopje, Macedonia in 1988. It was re-established as an independent company in August, 1997. And till today we accomplish and achieve considerable results. For the results, quality and organization of RI – EPM, the big component and participation take the degree of education, enlightenment, expertness and function of each one of RI-EPM employee.

The company is well equipped with devices for measuring, analyzers, probes, microscopes, kilns, gas measuring devices, lasers for calibrations with different kind of use, speedometers, flow meters etc.

In our company are integrated experts in every area – from planning, engineering, production, right through to quality assurance. „RI – EPM“ expert team, in all this past years, is truly working and makes improving in all those above mentioned fields of interest.

Also, we must emphasize that we have also a good collaboration with all the other companies which are working into the projects in the field of ecology and also, projects related to electrical and mechanical industry. We have a good relationship with our Ministry of Ecology, and the Public Revenue Office and the Ministry of Finance.

With our scopes of functioning we cover the territory of Macedonia, and the countries in the Region like: R. Bulgaria, R. Albania, R. Romania, R. Ukraine, R. Kosovo and R. Serbia.

The other departments are:

  • Informational & communication Technology including managing, processing and service;
  • This department deals with the use of electronics computers and computer software to connect, store, protect, process, transmit and securely retrieve information's;
  • Fiscal electronically equipment.

Our company in 2010 and in 2013 acquired the prestigious certificate of quality ISO 9001. You can have a look at the following links:

The connection between the processes in the RI-EPM can be seen in the following scheme: