IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH

IM 1000 - Hand Held Analyzer. The IM 1000 is the ideal instrument for technicians to set optimum efficiencies for boilers and furnaces. The IM1000-1/-2 has all the features to do this. The IM 1000-3 has a larger display and draft / differential measurement.

IM 1440COF - for Forklift Trucks. The ideal instrument to measure exhaust gases on diesel and gas forklift trucks. It measures all the needed parameters according to local regulations. It also measures the exhaust gas temperature and the O2 to check if the engines runs good.


Flue-gas analysis. IM GmbH offers small handheld flue-gas analyzers as well as portable professional flue gas analysis systems. These combustion gas analysers can be used to check efficiency and emissions of boilers, furnaces etc.

Exhaust gas analysis. Our product range also includes portable and stationary exhaust gas analyzers. These analyzers are for industrial applications like diesel engines, forklift trucks, glass industry, cement industry and much.

Measuring Instruments

Here you will find IR-thermometer, thermometer (thermistors, thermocouples), electornic manometer, CO-detectors, refrigerant leak detectors and gas leak detectors. Our gas leak detectors can be used to on car engines as well. We also offer automotive multimeters.
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