Quality Policy

Top management at RI-EPM is not only committed to the development and implementation of our Quality Management System, but also to continually improving its effectiveness. Top management of our company clearly demonstrates its commitment and defines the Quality Policy in the field of Planning, acquisition, installation and maintenance of measuring and control devices in the industry and measuring the components of the environment.

The aim of the QMS which is accomplished in our company is to implement and realize the whole principles for complete quality into all QMS segments and activities. This means:

  • To be plane and handle Systematic with the activities and resources,
  • To be understood, diagnose and synchronize management of connected processes like one union and integrity,
  • Continuously to improve the QMS and thus to enhance the Company resulting and business,
  • Communicating to RI-EPM the importance of meeting customer requirements, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements,
  • RI-EPM ensures that Customer requirements are first determined and then met with the aim of enhancing customers satisfaction,
  • Continuously adapting to changing customers and market expectations,
  • With establishing our Quality Policy is to be ensured that the Quality Objectives are truly established,
  • Conducting management reviews of the Quality Management System,
  • Ensuring the availability of resources and
  • Carefulness and efforts for our clients and carefulness for our community and environmental.

Into RI-EPM with QMS are comprised all the activities and factors like (equipment, favours, resources, employers...) same as the clients, and everything with one aim: to be establishing connection in advantage for all the participants.

The leading RI-EPM management into the Statement on Quality Police defines a slogan: That the credibility and credence are found on two same and basic principles: Honesty, outspokenness and professionalism.

With all this above continuously encourage, animate and energize the personal for realization of the required better quality results, settle liabilities and responsibilities and achieving of defined aims.

The basics aims of our company is to be preserved the procedures and methods, accomplishing the actual requirements in the ISO 9001:2008 standard, measurable continual improvement, effectiveness into communications either with the clients either to the employees – wherewith as a matter of fact we will preserve the basic ISO 9001 requirements.

The top management, as well as the department responsible persons, are owe to implement, use and upgrading the QMS with planning and oversight of the ISO program, with analyzing of data and information and frequent - communications with the clients, suppliers and employers – everyone can easily to follow up and applied the basic QMS requirement into all our activities.

We are proud with the fact that our measurement devices are intended for fulfillment the requirement and expectations of fastidious clients. And when we took about the relation with the end users for us just not have compromise – the trust credence are found on two the same and basic principles - Honesty, outspokenness and professionalism – which is our motto and quality slogan!.