SICK Analyzers and Process Instrumentation

In that manner, as a part of the department analyzers and process instrumentation our company is authorized and certified subsidiary or service of SICK from Germany, which is worldwide known producer of measuring devices for continuous monitoring in the industry. Also, SICK provides components and all-in-one system solutions for gas analysis, dust measurements, volume flow measurements, water and liquid analysis, and level measurements. To ensure that our measuring technology is tailored to your production plant, SICK develops complete and turnkey solutions for process analysis and emission monitoring.

Which mean that SICK offers in-situ and extractive analyzer for gas and liquid analysis, measurement instrumentation for dust opacity, for volume flow and level measurement's. Especially in the field of analyzers and process instrumentation, fewer people must handle at least the same if not more demanding tasks. Stricter regulations and technological advances lead to higher instrument requirements while. Last but not the least, the going-global of the main users of process automation is forcing us as supplier to be sufficiently present and organized to meet their needs locally.

Controlling plants, meeting limits, optimizing processes, monitoring product flow– the products and customer support for analyzers and process instrumentation of SICK.

Process Automation define standards for these tasks regarding technology and quality.

Our company „RI-EPM“ has a hugely competence for planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of above mentioned SICK devices and systems and in odd of, we are able to offer you:

  • Complete solutions well suited to solve your application task;
  • Low cost -of- ownership;
  • A comprehensive service package, from engineering to after-sales services;
  • Regional sales and services organizations in all major countries in the world;
  • The most modern, innovative products, characterized by their simplicity and application reliability.

SICK has make a Global Support Network consisting of all the relevant international subsidiaries, agencies, and sales centers which provides qualified support where and when you need it. We develop solutions for your applications, provide documentation and training, and offer support during installation and start-up. Service technicians are there to support you in all operation and maintenance activities, and can perform function tests on the equipment.

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