The department for water treatment is authorized to bid, sell and services the products which are manufactured and sold by HYDRO-X A/S – company which holds several Quality and Environmental management certificates and which has a 70 year experience like a reputable manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment on steam boilers, district heating systems and cooling systems besides a wide range of equipment supporting the chemical treatment.
Also, with Decision from Macedonian Ministry of Health our Company fulfills the obligations stated in above mentioned acts.

Our department is appointed from the Danish company HYDRO – X A/C International as a representative in Macedonia for their products and equipment for industrial water treatment on steam boilers, physical – chemical analysis for water steam condense, minimizing the corrosion agent in boilers, water treatment on steam, district heating and cooling systems into the plants.

HYDRO-X is both a process and a product for the conditioning of boiler water. HYDRO-X is simple in its application, yet provides a total protection against corrosion and the formation of scale. It also effective removes existing scale and dissolves it without harmful side effects:

  • The HYDRO-X principles create profitability;
  • Operation security and constant control;
  • Operational economy;
  • Evident saving and effective insurance;
  • Minimal increase in dissolved solids;
  • Neutral salt adsorption;
  • Sludge precipitation;
  • Ionic neutralization;
  • Corrosion prevention;
  • Prevention of caustic emrbitterment;
  • Problems associated with zinc plates;
  • Registered quality management system.

Rapid effects with using HYDRO-X

Only a few hours after adding the HYDRO-X start dose, the effect is already visible! The characteristics cleansing has started and the steam is ready for application.

Where to use HYDRO-X

  • In all Steam plants
  • In all district heating plants
  • Cooling water systems
  • In all central heating plants.