Complete Solutions from one Source and Products and Customer Support for Analysis and Process Instrumentation
Authorized for HydroX

Mission and Vision

RI-EPM builds up and established the reputation on quality thru all this past years. Our mission is to be leaders in the region regarding in assurance measuring devices and giving quality and effective service, with already recognized characteristics, and also with favourable conditions and acceptable prices for our clients.

Honesty, outspokenness and professionalism are the core messages of our identity. Identity manifests itself at the interface between the past and the future. Our statement also has its place between yesterday and tomorrow. It carries strengths, wishes, demands and visions within it. It builds on a mature orporate culture and is a draft for the future that is both a commitment and a motivation.

We must emphasize that our company builds up his own reputation like company which successfully accomplish and implement the working activities, liabilities and responsibilities from the planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance in the process instrumentation and SICK devices, fiscal electronically equipment and water treatment.

Our mission is in the future to ensure and provide much more quality services and engineers favour, like expertise and technically consultations and guidance of diverse clients, in the ecology, the various industry areas, but constantly with view of the biggest quality standards. All in order to respond on the high-profiled claims and demands of our clients, to increase the good business results and production, as well as to be increased the good motivations of the personal and to improve the working conditions.

The superlatively results in professional working can be only realized if they are bases on ability, accomplishments, awareness, high technology, travail work, qualifying personal and great method and system of professional working.

Also, with our continuously upgrading of knowledge and ability of our employer’s and their acceptance, implementation and usage of the QMS into RI-EPM is a part of our professional practice.

Company`s nub is to be always ready to accommodate of the clients expectations, offering them flawless, constant and consecutive quality of products / favours.

Thereby, we are proud that by mean of our measuring devices are intended for satisfying the clients requirements and wishes even if the most selective and the most finicky clients / customers.

But when we are talking about our involvement and manner in front of our end users – for us there isn’t compromise: The credence and confidence always is found on those basic and same principles, which is our „quality slogan“: Honesty, outspokenness and professionalism!

Our clients in Macedonia already recognized RI-EPM like company with exquisitely professionalism and also high efficiency quality as in to accomplishing our working loads howsoever into affording our services.

Our vision is to enhance and build up our services and to be extended for the clients abroad our Region. Therefore we work hard in order to see our company with supremacy on the market in our Region.

As a matter of fact our mission and vision is a result from the trading and clients requirements. To be competitive on the trade, each company must offer high quality of its favours and products, in order to ensure credibility and confidence to the clients. Likewise, with pride we can stressed that legion of our clients are the same in this past 10 years and they continue to use our favours or measurement equipments still.

Our long time and otherwise more important aim is to became recognizable in giving a complete solutions for planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of SICK`s devices and systems precisely for in-situ and extractive analyzers for gas and liquid analysis, measurement instrumentation for dust opacity, for volume flow and level measurements. Our service engineers are qualified to act fast, effectively and efficiently in every situation, as well fast, effectively and efficiently to resolve the defects and problems in the presence of replacement of the spare parts of the devices. It is important to stress that all our devices are under global all-out moderate terms and standards, like TUV, SGC, CE, ISO ……

That’s why we are fully single-minded towards quality and professional working and optimum managing with resources, substantiation for that is engaging the quality management system. Also, we are fulfilling the general requirements in establishing, document, implement, and maintain a quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness in accordance with those mentioned requirements of ISO 9001:2008 International Standards.

Finally, we in RI-EPM continuously search for talents among our personal and we invest in their further professional education and knowledge sharing to disseminate and preserve the organization`s experiences. All this we hope or it is our vision that in the future will guarantee us success and new professional achievements, and continuously developing in accordance to the world standards.

We stoutly believe that the future we desire and truly want us will ear and gain by hard work only if we brave it out and decisively planning into the present!

Regarding our company: „RI-EPM“ - service SICK, was first founded as a part of the Mining Institute of Skopje, Macedonia in 1988. It was re-established as an independent company in August, 1997. And till today we accomplish and achieve considerable results. For the results, quality and organization of RI – EPM, the big component and participation take the degree of education, enlightenment, expertness and function of each one of RI-EPM employee.

In that manner, as a part of the department analyzers and process instrumentation our company is authorized and certified subsidiary or service of SICK from Germany, which is worldwide known producer of measuring devices for continuous monitoring in the industry. Also, SICK provides components and all-in-one system solutions for gas analysis, dust measurements, volume flow measurements, water and liquid analysis, and level measurements.

RI - EPM, as authorized distributor and service support products IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH - IM Environmental Equipment, offer a small hand-held gas analyzers and professional gas analyzers. These gas analyzers can be used in industries such as (for glass industries, process industries and many others), HVAC applications or at universities.

The department for water treatment is authorized to bid, sell and services the products which are manufactured and sold by HYDRO-X A/S – company which holds several Quality and Environ-mental management certificates and which has a 70 year experience like a reputable manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment on steam boilers, district heating and cooling systems besides a wide range of equipment supporting the chemical treatment.